General Flagg


Personal information File Name Lawrence J. Flagg

Military information Service branch

US Army Grade / Rank

Brigadier General (O-7) Specialties

G.I. Joe commander; Strategist Organizational information Factions

  • G.I. Joe Team

Before Hawk ever came to lead the G.I. Joe Team, there was General Flagg. This military man was known for his ability to select the right men for any mission applying the right strategy. While he was never the field commander type, he is willing to do what is necessary should the occasion that he is placed in the field arise.

Upon the kidnapping of Dr. Adele Burkhart, General Austin charged Flagg with coming up a plan for a rescue mission. The plan he came up with was a bold one and it was a success. Next, when an American research station in the Arctic was raided and the researchers killed, General Austin orders the Joes be sent to investigate. Flagg anticipated this by having already selected the personnel for the mission. He also personally oversaw their deployment. Perhaps Flagg’s most frustrating moment was during an Armed Forces Day parade where he had the Joe Team’s MOBAT tank as one of the featured attractions. What he didn’t know was that Cobra wanted to steal the tank and the Joes were chased around New York. He tried his best to placate the viewing Joint Chiefs’ growing impatience. The MOBAT arrived and demolished the stand he and the generals were on. Flagg finally had his chance to put Cobra Commander under custody but the latter took a hostage. Even though Flagg was a captain on the pistol team with excellent marksmanship skills, he still couldn’t risk the harming the hostage and the Commander was able to escape.

General Flagg

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